Handheld ax, ax perimbas, tools shale, stone age, metal age

Handheld ax, ax perimbas, and tools shale is a type of tool used in the middle stone age.

Kyokken moddinger and abris sous roche was the middle stone age.

Types of square and oblong ax used in the stone age youth.

Mechanical print a cire Perdue and bivalves have been used by Bronze Age man.

Examples of objects with metal relic among other techniques nekara bivalves.

Moko and ax funnel was the result of human culture Bronze Age.

The accessories for the human spirit, among others waruga megalithic era.

Various forms of animals and humans are made ​​of bronze is in the form of statues.

Arrowheads plowshares or produced by humans in the iron age.

The results of the culture and life of the stone tools were still rough as found in Pacitan was Pithecanthropus lifetime.