slag ball

Tools of slag ball game:
a. rope or kawur
b. iron pole
c. cans for burner
d. bat, length 50 cm
e. small ball (baseball).

a. slag ball played by two teams, each team of 12 people
b. players have the right to hit 3 times.

a. player gets two points if the shot itself can pass all honk without dying
b. if the shot itself can pass all honk without dying got two
c. catching the ball for the calculated value of a field party.

Substitutions occur if:
a. after death 10 times
b. after catching the ball 5 times
c. if one person living alone in free space so no one toss.

Called die once, if:
a. three times hitting the wrong
b. three times the punch is not taxable
c. wood bat off
d. run within or above the hexagon
e. time does not exceed honk touch
f. before settling already burned
g. deliberately kicked the ball.


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