Genes, gametes, genotype, phenotype, and dihybrid crosses monohibrid

To facilitate the study of inheritance events in a living creature, then each gene was given as a symbol of the letter A, a, B, b, C, c, and so on. Each symbol is for a particular trait (a trait diff). The genes will be paired to form genotypes.

Phenotype is a trait that appears from the outside, it is based on interpreting the symbols of genotype plus environmental factors.

To determine the gametes (sex cells) from a genotype, then the way is to use the formula 2 to the power n, n is the number of pairs of heterozygous alleles.

Monohibrid cross is a cross or a marriage between two individuals is different, with a different nature, such as the nature of color, taste or resistance to a disease.

Dihybrid cross is a cross with two different properties.


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