Developed countries and developing countries

One that is often used for the grouping of developed and developing countries is based on the level of advancement of technology and the ability of a country’s economy. Developed countries are industrialized countries that have been successful in development in all fields. As for the developing countries is a new country Actively engage in construction, typically the newly independent country. Indicator category of developed and developing countries:
1. per capita national income
2. livelihood structure of the workforce
3. productivity per worker
4. workforce
5. ability to master technology
6. life expectancy
7. birthrate
8. death rate
9. energy use per person
10. transportation and communication facilities per person.

The characteristics of the developed and developing countries
developed countries
a. High per capita income.
b. Mastery of high technology.
c. The level of education high average.
d. High life expectancy.
e. Population growth rate is small.
f. The death rate is small.
g. Life-style market economy.
h. Most economic activity in the industrial sector.
i. The majority of the population lives in cities.
j. Better population health level.

developing countries
a. Low per capita income.
b. The level of education low average.
c. Low life expectancy.
d. Large population growth.
e. The mortality rate.
f. Life-style agrarian economy.
g. Little employment.
h. The unemployment rate is high.


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